Why you should choose Under Trees?

Under Trees is a simple and secure private online diary app that helps you record your daily journal, secrets, journey, mood, and any private moments. It is a private diary with pictures, tags, free and customizable themes, mood tracking, affirmations, font, etc. to make your personal diary more vivid and safe.

With Under Trees your privacy will be guaranteed. All must go with your permission and confirmation.The app supports setting a diary password to protect the security of your memories and private journal. Along with it, if you forgot your password to access your diary, it's very easy to gain back your access. No more longing for the reset password email.

Under Trees is also a callaborative diary. It means you can create a collaborative journaling amongst couples, families, and friends. It's a great way to connect with others and share your thoughts and experiences.

The app was designed to be simple and user friendly, allowing you to add or browse the whole of your diary quickly and easily. And bellow are all what will make it your choice:

Multiple diaries

First app ever supports multiple diaries. You can create spearate diaries for your private life, work, et... in one app.

Collaborative diary

Easy to create a collaborative journaling amongst couples, families, and friends!

Never lose data

Even if you lose your phone or forget to back it up. Under Trees securely stores your data in the cloud, backed by Google.

Your privacy

With the passcode and fingerprint, no one can read your diary. If you forget your password there is a recovery function.


Manage your diary neatly and easily with the tag system: #love, #work...


Search your entire diary in a second with keyword, date, tag search.

Photo, audio

You can insert images into the article, or you can draw your own! (Media package)

Entry templates

Don't know what to write? Start with a template. You can create your own templates too.


Boot your day with affirmations. Create and manage your own.

Nice themes

Many theme themes for you to choose from, all free, you can create your own theme.

UI friendly

Simple and easy to use, focused on the writing experience!

Simple Onboarding

Just login with your Google or Apple account, start writing the first entry after installation.

Affordable price

Free, Text or Media, find the plan that's right for you with cheapest price!

User reviews

Henry Ford

from United State

I like the app pretty much it is good experieencing it 😊. It is just like i am talking to my own self and reflecting my own self.


from Canada

This is the best app diary i have ever used. Recommended to the people who dont know which to choose. This app is amazing. Here's my heart. 💓💓💓

Anesu Pasipanodya

from the Earth

One of the best apps I used so far at least this one remembers your password and doesn't delete entries love this app keep it up!